New requirements for mold parts


In the current rapid development of science and technol […]

In the current rapid development of science and technology, competition among enterprises is constantly rising, leading to higher requirements for mold parts. What are the new requirements?
1. dynamic accuracy. The static performance introduced by the machine tool manufacturer does not reflect the actual machining situation when the mold is three-dimensionally machined.
2. mold accessories
The hardness of the processed mold steel material is high, and the mold processing equipment is required to have thermal stability and reliability.
3. For complex cavity and multi-functional composite molds, with the complexity of the shape of the workpiece, it is necessary to improve the design and manufacturing level of the mold. A variety of grooves and materials are formed or assembled into a set of molds. Functional composite molds require a large amount of machining programming procedures, cutting depth and stability, and processing difficulty.
4. The increasing size of mold-forming parts and the productivity of parts require a multi-cavity, resulting in a large-scale mold. Large-scale large-tonnage molds can reach 100 tons, and a few hundred cavities and thousands of cavities require mold processing equipment. Large workbench, increase Y-axis Z-axis travel, large load-bearing, rigidity, consistency.
5. mold accessories
The combination of processing technology and green product technology will be taken into consideration when purchasing equipment. The radiation and medium selection of electric machine tools will be a factor of safety and environmental protection. EDM milling technology will be developed in the future mold processing field.

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