Accuracy requirements of turret punching die(2)


4. The grinding wheel has a downward feed amount of 0.0 […]

4. The grinding wheel has a downward feed amount of 0.03~0.08mm, a lateral feed rate of 0.13~0.25mm, and a transverse feed rate of 2.5~3.8m/min.
5. After sharpening, use the oil stone to sharpen the cutting edge, remove the burr, and grind the rounded corner with a radius of 0.03~0.05mm to prevent the cutting edge from cracking.
6. The punch is demagnetized and sprayed with oil to prevent rust.
Inspection of turret punching die punching die position when neutrality is not good
If the centering of the punching die is not good, the mold is quickly passivated, and the workpiece processing quality is poor. The following points can be overhauled: check the level of the machine tool and re-adjust if necessary; check and lubricate the die hole and guide on the turntable If the damage is repaired in time, clean the lower mold base of the turntable so that the lower mold can be accurately installed, and check the wear of the key or keyway, and replace if necessary; use a special mandrel to calibrate the mold station, and adjust if there is deviation.

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