How to deal with excess streaks on the surface of die-casting parts


Die-casting refers to the casting of metal materials. T […]

Die-casting refers to the casting of metal materials. The die-casting machine is the main mechanical equipment. The modern machine has a special feature, which is easy to operate. The die-casting machine is also capable of mastering the operation method of the die-casting machine as long as it is trained and learned through simple system. . Die-casting parts refer to the various parts that make up the die-casting machine. In fact, because there is no die-casting machine without these die-casting parts. Die casting machines can be used in such a good way because of the good manufacture of die-casting parts. We know that die-casting parts will also have defective products in the manufacturing process, such as streaks on die-casting parts. This is inconsistent with the prior design. It may be caused by the traces of the two metal streams that are not synchronized with the cavity. It may also be that the mold temperature is low, the filling speed is too high, and the coating amount is excessive. What is important to find out is the solution and treatment, then what is the correct way to deal with the stripes on the die-cast parts?
1. Adjust the cross-sectional area or position of the ingate.
2. Adjust the mold temperature and increase the overflow tank.
3. Adjust the filling speed appropriately to change the flow state of the molten metal filled cavity.
4. The coating is thin and uniform.

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