China's fastener molds will usher in a period of rapid development


The improvement of the development of the mold industry […]

The improvement of the development of the mold industry itself has led to the improvement of the technology of fastener molds. Fastener molds are an important part of industrial products, so the quality of fastener molds is very strict. With the advancement of technology, the demand for fastener mold technology is also increasing.


As China's economy enters a stable period, the industrial structure is gradually optimized, and the quality requirements for industrial products are getting higher and higher. This requires higher and higher fastener molds. It is expected that China's fastener molds will definitely develop in the direction.


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's mold industry, the standardization, specialization and commercialization of mold parts have reached a level and made significant progress. However, those products with technical content, advanced structure, excellent performance, good quality, and convenient replacement are still lacking. Therefore, it is necessary to import a considerable number of fastener molds from abroad every year. Domestic fastener molds should be developed and broken in terms of technical standards, technology development, and product quality.


countries with developed industries pay more attention to the development of fasteners. Of course, they are inseparable from standard fastener molds. However, due to the late start of mold standardization in China, at present, China's fastener molds have long been characterized by few varieties and specifications, small production scale, and unsmooth circulation. There are many medium and low-grade products and few products. The fastener molds produced by some foreign-funded enterprises are affected by their popularization and application due to their high price. For China's fastener mold enterprises, there is too little concentration, too many factories and too scattered, product quality can not keep up; for the fastener mold market, disorderly competition is more chaotic.


From the development plan of China's "10th Five-Year" mold industry, it is proposed that fastener molds should expand varieties, improve precision, and achieve interchange. Up to now, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the development of China's fastener molds still can not keep up with the level of developed countries. Many fastener molds have been used abroad for many years, and Chinese fastener companies have not yet produced them. At present, medium and high-grade fasteners are basically imported from abroad, and some products with low performance and poor stability are used for self-production and use on molds that are not too demanding.




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