Factors affecting the material of the thimble


Mold parts are metal products. The metal smelting metho […]

Mold parts are metal products. The metal smelting method will affect the quality of the material, and naturally it will produce different effects. Different smelting methods have different materials, and different smelting methods produce different materials for different metal components.
This difference makes the material superior or inferior, so the impact of different environments on the thimble material is very important. In the face of different use of the thimble, the quality of natural materials will also produce advantages and disadvantages.
The hardness and performance improvement required for the same material are changed by heat treatment. Different heat treatment methods, the hardness and quality of the material will be different. The reason why the SKD61 thimble is divided into three material grades is because the requirements in use are different. Furthermore, the precision of processing will vary.

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