Method for controlling uniformity of mold gap


The quality of the punching needle and the service life […]

The quality of the punching needle and the service life of the punching needle have a great relationship with the uniformity of the gap between the cold stamping dies. Therefore, in the assembly of the dies, the gap size and uniformity of the convex and concave molds must be ensured.
In order to ensure the correct position and gap of the convex transverse and the concave die, when assembling the punching needle, it is generally determined according to the requirements of the drawing, one of the seats (pressive or concave). Then use this piece as a benchmark. Find the gap and determine the exact location of the other piece.
What are methods for controlling the uniform gap between the punch and the die when assembling the punching needle? Heng Xinyu summed up two points:
(1) Light transmission method Install the upper mold and the lower mold, use a lamp or a flashlight to illuminate, and observe the light transmission in the blank hole of the lower mold to determine the gap size and uniformity. When it is found that the gap is not uniform, the hammer can be used to strike the side of the punch fixing plate, so that the punch moves in the direction of the gap, and is repeatedly observed until it is uniform. Use screws and pins to tighten and position them.
(2) The gasket method is uniform in thickness around the edge of the die, and the thickness is equal to the copper or paper of the convex and concave single-edge gap. Insert the punch into the corresponding concave model hole to observe the tightness of the punch and the gasket. degree. And gently hit the fixing plate with a hammer, so that the degree of tightness of the chess piece and the gasket are the same. After the adjustment is appropriate, the upper mold is fastened.
This method is suitable for the punching die with a large gap, and is also suitable for the control of the convex and concave die of the drawing die, the bending die, and the forming chess.

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