Accuracy requirements of turret punching die (1)


The mold used in the CNC turret punch press has a punch […]

The mold used in the CNC turret punch press has a punching speed due to its precision and quality requirements. After purchasing a certain quality mold, the level of use and maintenance of the user directly affects the processing quality of the workpiece and the service life of the mold. Mold is also an important part of controlling equipment operating costs. Therefore, learning and mastering some of the knowledge in this area and applying it to the actual situation will also play an important role in improving efficiency and reducing costs. The mold sharpening procedure is as follows:
1. When sharpening, the punch is vertically clamped in the V-groove or fixture of the magnetic chuck of the surface grinder, each grinding amount is 0.03~0.05mm, repeated grinding until the punch is sharp, the maximum grinding amount Generally 0.1~0.3mm.
2, the use of sintered alumina grinding wheel, hardness D ~ J, abrasive grain size 46 ~ 60, the choice for good-speed steel grinding wheel.
3. When the grinding force is large or the mold is close to the grinding wheel, the coolant can be prevented from overheating and cracking or annealing. The high-quality multi-purpose coolant should be selected according to the manufacturer's requirements.

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