Introduce the five design requirements and four advantages of stamping and drawing dies


Five major design requirements introduced by the Precis […]

Five major design requirements introduced by the Precision Mould Parts Factory:

The "unregularity does not make a circle" management is this way of production, especially this, especially the production of stamping and stretching dies. It is an important die size requirement for the production of precision parts. Therefore, the design process of stamping and stretching dies Must meet the following design requirements:
1. The stamping and drawing die designed to ensure that it can be used normally, try to make the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level requirements as low as possible, and is conducive to the exchange of products, reduce waste, and ensure product quality and stability.
2. The designed stamping and drawing die must meet product use and technical performance, and can be easily assembled and repaired.
3. The designed stamping and drawing die must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible, using low-cost materials as far as possible, and making parts as possible as possible Blanking of scrap and less scrap.
4. The designed stamping and drawing die should be conducive to use the existing equipment, process equipment and process flow to process it as much as possible, as well as prolong the service life of the die.
5. The designed stamping and drawing die must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure to facilitate simplifying the structure of the die and simplifying the number of processes, that is, the processing of the entire part is completed with the least and simplest stamping process, and the processing by other methods is reduced. Conducive to stamping operations, it is convenient for organizations to realize mechanized and automated production to improve labor productivity.
Good stamping and drawing dies can produce good products. Therefore, the design of stamping and drawing dies must be designed in strict accordance with the regulations to avoid the huge losses caused to the company by mistakes in the design of stamping and drawing dies!


The precision mold parts factory introduces four advantages:
The relationship between product quality and production technology is always so close. Let ’s take the processing of drawing molds. Stamping is a very important process in processing. Its quality has a great impact on the quality of mold processing. Let's understand what advantages it has:
1. In drawing die processing, stamping can process parts with a large size range and complex shapes, such as small watches and clocks, car longitudinal beams, coverings, etc., plus the cold deformation hardening effect of the material during stamping. The strength and rigidity of stamping are relatively high.
2. Since the die ensures the size and shape accuracy of the stamping part during stamping, and generally does not damage the surface quality of the stamping part, and the life of the die is generally long, the stamping quality is stable and the interchangeability is good. feature.
3. The stamping process of the drawing die generally does not generate chips and scraps, the material consumption is less, and no other heating equipment is needed, so it is a material-saving and energy-saving processing method, and the cost of stamping parts is low.
4. The production efficiency of stamping processing is high, and the operation is convenient, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because stamping depends on the die and stamping equipment to complete the processing. The stroke number of ordinary presses can reach dozens of times per minute, high-speed pressure It can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each punching stroke can get a punching piece.
The above-mentioned points of precision mold parts factory are the advantages of stamping during the processing of stretch molds. These advantages greatly improve the quality and efficiency of mold processing, thereby ensuring the quality of the products and being deeply recognized by users!
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