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Small and medium-sized mold parts manufacturers rely on […]

Small and medium-sized mold parts manufacturers rely on their own conditions, and it is not an easy task to operate on the network. Due to the particularity of mold parts, mold parts are widely used in the manufacturing field. The sales target of mold parts is mostly manufacturers, not masses. So how to get mold parts to be sold on the network? This requires us to plan and operate well. Nowadays, online marketing has become an online operation model that can not be ignored to increase product sales. How should we do online marketing of mold parts?

1. Find out the market and plan in detail

In order to have good sales of mold parts in the network, it is necessary to clarify the market and make detailed enterprise planning. We can analyze the current industry situation through the results of Baidu and Google search keywords, and choose the mold products we are familiar with. In China, mold production is still in short supply, especially for precision, complex and long-life molds. The types of molds that are often selected include plastic and rubber molds, metal stamping molds, standard mold parts, and precision non-standard mold parts. We need to make a substantial plan based on the current industry situation and achieve sales through the Internet. Detailed planning includes brand name, domain name selection, website construction, network promotion, online services, data analysis, customer care, etc.

2. Subdivided products, reasonable pricing

To understand the industry market, it is good for us to set the price. We should give a reasonable price to the product. The price should not be too high or too low. We should subdivide the product according to the purpose, type, model, and characteristics of the product to generate more feature keywords. Sorting out products into categories will help us make more and more accurate product keywords and bring high traffic and high conversion rate to the website. We need to give a multi-level price, retail price, wholesale price, agent price, etc. based on the market and our cost, without indicating the price of the product, allowing customers to consult through the online customer service chat tool or telephone consultation. Mould accessories

3. Online marketing to attract customers

Choose high-return Internet marketing methods, such as search engine marketing, soft article news marketing, forum community marketing, email marketing, etc. For search engine marketing, we must do a good job of internal optimization of the company's website, seo search engine optimization, keyword selection, reasonable layout of keywords, extended long-tail keywords; for soft article news marketing, we can choose several portal industry news Website to publish soft articles; for forum community marketing, we are now an industry forum; e-mail marketing, we can use the software to need to purchase mold accessories, and mail software to send customers to attract customers.

4, the right platform, investment and distribution

Offline, the operation mode of making mold accessories products is mostly done in retail and wholesale. The same is true online, we can choose a more mature and larger distribution platform. At the same time, if you feel that the enterprise has developed into a qualified operating industry portal, you can also open a mold accessories portal website, operate the portal website, seize merchants and customers, and expand sales.

5. High-quality after-sales, giving back to customers

When we have orders and customers, we take care of customers regularly and do a good job in after-sales service. At the same time, we can issue our most recent promotional activities, which can be used to give back to customers in the form of coupons, discounts, rebates, gift giving, etc.


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