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Among the most commonly used accessories in the mold ar […]

Among the most commonly used accessories in the mold are thimbles, flat thimbles, etc. Among them, flat thimbles are used in plastic molds. The flat thimbles are harder to grind than thimbles, so they are generally expensive.
The main materials of the flat thimble are: SKD61, SKD11, SKD51, SKH61, AKH51, SKH11, etc. The flat thimble is also called flat pin, which is mainly used for the ejection of the ribs of plastic products, and the long glue position, round When the thimble could not be placed, we chose to use a flat thimble.
The processing process of the flat thimble: (from design to processing) first determine the diameter of the thimble, X, Y position to output a text file, in addition, of course, you can also add some other dimensions, such as the head of the thimble and output value The movement of the direction of the department can be controlled, and the problem of the thimble is simple and clear. If the sales volume of the output data plane is basically the same as the length and width size required for the flat pin A, B value, X, Y value, of course, you can also add a value in the A, B direction, sometimes the flat sales are not necessarily vertical, reliable The flat angle of the pin (ie the head direction).
By using PRO/E to create a thimble and smooth 3D standard parts, standard parts in the first feature, and complete an array of ejector injection characteristics, then enter the TEBLE through the table function, so we need to put all the thimbles file. Of course the standard part is also the key to a whole, you can get the thimble file, which includes physics and reduce the mold, the public formwork, the roof surface group. (flat passwords are the same)
When we need to do the thimble (smooth), the first work EMX is called the standard (standard parts need to enter the surface of the surface of a PL surface in the middle of the process), you will not want to transfer EMX, you can also in 3 files at Assemble to the congregation file, then 3 steps need to be transferred to the thimble. The group reduced the mold and 3 plates in the face. The head of the injection and the parting surface (pin that is chiseled out).

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