Insufficient hardness treatment of cold stamping die welding


Insufficient hardness of cold stamping die welding: Rea […]

Insufficient hardness of cold stamping die welding:
Reason: (1)
When the welding current is too large, the dilution ratio of the mold base material is too large, and the alloying elements of the mold base material are damaged.
Countermeasure: Try to use small current and short arc welding. The amplitude of the welding rod when welding is not more than 1.5 times the diameter of the welding rod.
Reason: (2)
The preheating temperature and the interlayer temperature during welding are not controlled.
Countermeasure: Pay attention to the preheating temperature (the preheating temperature is mainly related to the carbon content of the base metal) and the control of the interlayer temperature during welding.
Reason: (3)
Excessive number of surfacing layers and improper selection of welding materials.
Countermeasure: Select the welding material that is suitable for the number of surfacing layers. (Some welding material structures are directly high-hardness martensite structure, and some welding materials can be transformed from austenite structure to high-hardness martensite structure when three or more layers are welded.

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