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Standard mold parts are available from stock, so can yo […]

Standard mold parts are available from stock, so can you just order them? the answer is negative. In fact, there are many issues you need to consider before ordering. For example: Does the product have metric and imperial product sizes on a global scale? Moreover, for a supplier, the standard thing may not be the same for another. Therefore, when you purchase mold parts, the most important thing is to communicate with suppliers about the following issues:
1. Global Effectiveness: In today's global marketplace, you need to make sure you find the same replacement parts anywhere in the world.
2. Quality stability and traceability: Your supplier should have a stable record of quality and be able to track any product they produce.
3. Accessories compatibility: Make sure that the parts you purchase are compatible with or compatible with other parts in the mold.
4. Product range, multi-material supply and special accessory availability: Check for additional accessories such as fittings and water plugs. See if you can find them easily when you need different materials or sizes.
5. Product technical support: Can suppliers communicate directly and provide product support online?
6. ISO certification: Products and processes such as D-M-E North America and Europe are all ISO 9001/2000 certified, which ensures consistent quality, traceability and effective documentation throughout the ordering and assembly process.
7. Online resources, ie CAD drawings of accessories and libraries for ordering services: If you need to order parts after work or need a CAD drawing or other documentation, online parts supplier resources are invaluable.

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