Direct impact of mold heat treatment on performance


Direct impact of mold heat treatment on performance  Wi […]

Direct impact of mold heat treatment on performance
 With the improvement of the performance of processing machine tools and cutting tools, the development of pre-hardening technology of mold materials has accelerated. The heat treatment of molds is an important process to ensure the performance of molds. It has a direct impact on the following properties of molds. The heat treatment of the mold in the manufacturing process is a process that most molds have used for a long time.

(1) Manufacturing accuracy of the mold
Uneven and incomplete structural transformation and excessive residual stress caused by heat treatment cause the deformation of the mold during the processing, assembly and use of the mold after heat treatment, thereby reducing the precision of the mold and even scrapping it.
(2) Strength of the mold
Improper heat treatment process formulation, non-standard heat treatment operation or incomplete heat treatment equipment status, resulting in the strength (hardness) of the processed mold not meeting the design requirements.
(3) Working life of the mold
The irrational structure caused by heat treatment and the excessive grain size lead to the decline of the main performances such as the toughness of the mold, the thermal fatigue performance and wear resistance, which affect the working life of the mold.
As the intermediate link or final process of the mold manufacturing process, cracks, deformation and performance caused by heat treatment are super bad, in most cases, the mold will be scrapped, even if it can still be used through repair, it will also increase man-hours and extend delivery To increase the manufacturing cost of theIt is precisely the heat treatment technology and mold quality are very closely related, the two technologies work together and progress together.

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